Hernán Vilchez

He studied film making in Argentina and Cuba. Specialized in filming urban culture and indigenous peoples around the globe, Hernán Vilchez has produced the international content for the successful shows “World strictest parents” (Kabel Eins/Sat1, Germany), “Sweeping jobs” (SRF, Switzerland), and directed for “The Roots of Faith” (History 2), “Viviendo Religiones” (Encuentro, Argentina), while writing […]

Bani Silva

Brazilian filmmaker and ethnomusicologist who resides since 2001 in Munich, Germany. For the last 15 years, he s traveled around the world (Senegal, Guinea, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Gambia, Mali, Cape Verde, Mauritania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil and the whole Europe) gathering experiences and audiovisual documentation for his documentary work for international […]

Paola Stefani

Anthropologist and communicologist. The early years of her career were devoted to ethnographic research with the indigenous people of northern Mexico. In the ’90s she dabbled in multimedia production and digital narratives, and since early 2010 she has accompanied the Wixárika people in their defense of Wirikuta, having produced and delineated the distribution of the […]

Nina Mendes

Brazilian producer and model. After traveling all over the world with her modeling career, in the last five years she has worked in film and tv in Germany and Brazil, for German, Swiss, Brazilian and Chinese productions. Based in Munich, she has closely collaborated with Constantin Film researching, casting and producing in Brazil and others […]

Ak Simba

Ugandan artist & filmmaker based in Belgium Since 2012. In Africa he has worked in various large scale film productions such as the Disney film “The Queen of Katwe” as an Assistant Props Master, World Vision’s film “Jamaa” as an Assistant Art Director, and for Constantin Films as a fixer in various African countries. He […]

Gastón Salazar

Multi-instrumentalist, Composer and Producer born in Argentina. He has studied violoncello and harmony for 15 years with recognised masters such as Rodnoi and Finoli and assisted 2 years to the L’escola de Musica de Barcelona (directed by the cellist Peter Thiemman). He has been part of the successful fusion project 08001 from Barcelona, and has […]

Our Work

Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians

An urgent story about the Wixarika People, one of the last living Pre-Hispanic cultures in Latin America, and their struggle to preserve Wirikuta, their most sacred territory and the land where the peyote grows, the traditional medicine that keeps alive the knowledge of this iconic people of Mexico.

Raiz do Sana “Tambores de Oxala”

Music video for Raiz do Sana. Shot in April 2015. Film & cut by Bani Silva for Kabopro Films. Location: Sana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Gas-Lab feat. Traum Diggs “Jazz Hop”

Shot in New York & Buenos Aires, June 2013. Production in New York by Wendy Wu Produced by Gas-Lab & Traum Diggs Film & cut by Hernán Vilchez

Shipibos – Blue Mountain’s Chants

Soy Barí introduces us to his large family group and the everyday life of this naturals from the Peruvian Amazon Basin. Living like “the Inka taught them” thousands of years ago, at the shores of the Piski River, at the feet of the mythical Blue Mountains. Keeping till today the art of curing with herbs, […]

Ágora Series – Somália

Ágora series is an experimental project shot in 2014 in the Mediterranean Sea. Somalia is on ode to the female spirit living in salty waters. Film & cut by Bani Silva.

WAORANIS – Survivors of the Ecuadorian Jungle

The Kemperi Clan, a group of the Waorani culture that have returned home to the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, after being confined in reserves by missionaries and the government 30 years ago. The everyday life of the family, the hunting, the natural building, the spirituality. Still fighting to maintain their land and ancient traditions, theirs […]

Bilhão “Atlântico Lunar”

Music clip for Bilhão Film and Cut by Bani Silva & Twohvnds Shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Mentawai – Jungle knowledge keepers

Meeting the family of Masin Deré, shaman and father, and Baili Mai Hune, her amazing wife. Elders of a Mentawai familiy living today like thousand years ago in Siberut Island, Indonesia. Thanks a lot to Hendry, August Rafi and Rob Henry (Director of “As Worlds Divide”). August 2012, Siberut, Indonesia. For Blue Eyes & Sat […]

Diolas from Niomoune Island

Short film from a Diola family for the German reality show “Die Strengsten Eltern der Welt” (Blue Eyes & Sat1, Germany).